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Aesthetic Courses in the UK

The Professional Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle Qualification Exclusively for Beauticians

Whether you are looking for additional income or hoping to build your own beauty empire, Faces Aesthetics Academy will give you the groundwork you need. At the Faces Aesthetics Academy, we teach two courses; the Anti-Wrinkle Course and the Dermal Filler Course. Our courses are designed exclusively for beauticians and will give you the knowledge, confidence and skills that you need, so that you can provide professional anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal filler services for customers in the UK.

Whether you want to work at a beauticians, spa or as an independent aesthetician, a professional qualification from us will give you everything you need to start your career in the aesthetics industry. Our courses are taught by fully qualified and experienced cosmetic doctors and we are insured by multiple renowned insurance companies. If you are looking for aesthetic courses in the UK, we are the number one choice.





Why Become an Aesthetic Practitioner?

Flexible Working Hours and Low Overhead Costs

Working in a salon allows you to control your working hours. You can work as much or as little as you need. If you are feeling like you are missing out on time with family and friends because you currently work unsociable hours, then a move into aesthetics may be what you need. Salon room rental is also very cost effective with low overheads.

To Release Your Potential

Many of our students find that they are not moving forward in their career, with some having very limited opportunities for any kind of career progression. We help by giving our students an alternative path to realise their potential and satisfy their ambition.

Increase Your Earnings

These treatments command high earning potential.  Many of our students choose to follow this path in addition to their current job, which gives them a boost to their earnings. Others see the value in pursuing this path full time, as this will increase their earning potential. Salon based beauticians who have qualified with us have seen their earnings go up, on average by 300%.

Job Satisfaction

Imagine the euphoria and satisfaction of correctly volumizing a set of lips. Can you boast this level of satisfaction at your current role? You’ll get real fulfilment in helping your valued customers get the look that they have always dreamed of.

Training Courses




   Why Choose Faces Aesthetic Academy?

Our Training Is Different   

We allow our students to practise their skills on real live models. We do not use mannequins in our training. Many academies ask the student to bring in paying models themselves. We provide all models for your training experience so you don’t need to worry about finding someone to come with you on the day. However, if you would like to bring a model as a case study we are more than happy to accommodate this.

We book each student with a minimum of 5-10 models per course so they get plenty of hands on supervised experience. This number of models are not offered anywhere in the UK, as most academies offer just 3-4 models. Naturally, this leaves our students feeling more confident and assured after successfully completing our course.

Lifelong Help  

We understand that moving into the aesthetic industry can be a daunting process. Therefore, we pride ourselves on the support network we provide to you before, during and after training, making the process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

  • You’ll receive details of two of the leading aesthetic insurance companies.
  • You’ll be able to order your anti-wrinkle and dermal filler products as well as all your consumables with our reliable sources.
  • There is also the opportunity to purchase a starter kit on the day of your course which will provide you with all the consumables you’ll need to treat your clients.
  • You will gain access to our member’s area allowing you to download all forms needed for salon-based work.
  • You can subscribe to our monthly blogs and newsletters offering best practice advice and guidance from our trainers.
  • If you have a patient you are concerned about treating, are unsure on the best way to approach a treatment or you would simply like some general advice, our trainers are always on hand to help you. Simply give the team a call or email us and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as we can.  

Our Classes Are Small and Only for Beauticians  

We hold small group sessions where our classes are no more than 4 students to a tutor. We feel that larger groups than this would compromise your learning experience. We do not train nurses, doctors or dentists. We feel this is unfair on beauticians. All students will be beauticians from a similar background so they feel totally comfortable.

Many academies have a ratio of 6 students per tutor and students are from an array of backgrounds. We keep it small and exclusive.

Our Prices Are Very Competitive  

The level of our teachers, teaching and aftercare offers excellent value for money. We are unaware of any aesthetic course in the UK that can compete with the quality, affordability and overall professionalism of our courses.

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What Qualifications Do I Need?

Usually a level 3 in beauty is required. If you are interested and not yet a level 3 beautician, get in touch as we will be able to assist you.


Which Products Will I Be Trained In?

The choice is yours and you can discuss this with the course coordinator when you book your course. Typically, we train dermal fillers using 3 major brands and anti-wrinkle treatment using 3 major brands, to make sure our students are competent with more than a single product.

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Shadow Our Professionals Free of Cost

You will be provided with access to our university standard manuals and online materials where you will learn all the theory required to pass your qualification. You can also attend sessions nationwide to shadow experienced practitioners free of cost. We are the only academy that offers this complimentary service in the UK.

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We Are Fully Insured 

We are fully accredited by all the leading aesthetic insurance companies. You don’t need to worry about having insurance in place when you attend your training courses with us as you will be covered by our insurance on the day. On successful completion of all courses you will receive a CPD certificate of attendance which is recognised by all major insurance companies allowing you to go straight out and practice your techniques learned. We are always here for our students should you need further help.

If you successfully complete your Anti-Wrinkle/Dermal Filler training day you will receive a certificate of attendance which is recognised by all major aesthetic insurance companies. Once you have your insurance in place, you can then begin practising.








Assistance with Product Purchase

You will be given details of exclusive product suppliers to get the best quality products at wholesale prices after completing the course.

Too many beauticians leave courses without knowing how and where to safely purchase products, especially at fair, wholesale prices. We assist our students with this so they are totally prepared to begin their new career.

If you need further information about our aesthetic courses in the UK, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Faces Aesthetic Academy.

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